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Business conditions

1. Order and conclusion of contract
All orders realized by means of the e-shop are binding to both parties of the contract. The Seller is:
ORVEX, s.r.o.
Kliňanska cesta 1225
Námestovo 029 01
Identification Number: 30226562
Insert number: 252/L
By sending an order the Customer agrees to accept these buying and claim terms.
Electronic order is valid only after faithful and complete filling of all the data that our system requires at registration or realization of an order.
The contract of sale between the Seller and the Customer is established once the comleted order form is sent by the Buyer and through the acceptance of the Seller.
2. Terms of delivery:
The Seller is obliged to:

to deliver right item in right amount at prices and conditions valid at the time of order
to deliver the goods in adequate package so as not to damage it during the transport

The Seller is nor responsible for:

late delivery of goods caused by parcel service or transport company
late delivery caused by wrong recipient address
damaged package caused by parcel service or transport company
potential non-delviery caused by a producer (supplier) because of any restrictions or even cancellation of distribution rights or other unpredictable objection

The Buyer is obliged to:

pick up the goods and check the package
pay for the goods the buying price in the amount and based on the conditions valid at the time of order.

The Seller, if the Buyer fails to pick up the goods (on the basis of order), reserves the right to file a claim of costs that arose as a result of this behavior. If the Buyer wants the goods to be send again, he is obliged to pay the costs of the first and the second delivery in advance.
The Seller is entitled, on the basis of trade character (quantity, price, costs of transport, distance, ...) mostly at price being higher than 150€, to require authorization from the Buyer by some trustworthy means, e.g. by telephone or in writing. In case that the Buyer refuses the authorization, the order is considered to be improper.
3. Delivery date
Delivery of goods is realized as soon as possible, taking into consideration product availability and operating abilities. We usually process the orders in 1-5 working days, the parcel service delivers the packages in 2-3 working days. The delivery can last longer in case of unexpected circumstances occurence. The goods that isn´t in the storage will be ordered from the supplier. In this case, we will inform you about the change of delivery date by means of telephone or e-mail.
4. Price of goods
Prices of goods as stated on our internet shop are valid at the time of order. We reserve the right for print errors and change of prices, in case of exchange rate changes, in case of rising inflation or vivid changes of supply conditions from producers and other suppliers.
All the prices on the internet shop include 20% VAT. Price of the goods doesn´t include postal and package charges.The evidence of order is an invoice sent together with the goods by the seller. The invoice also serves as a delivery note and a certificate of warranty.
5. Payments for goods and postal charges
We send the goods by parcel or courier service on the Customer´s address given in the order. In case of ´Cash on Delivery´, the Customer will pay the whole sum when receiving the goods at the post office or from courier. In case of advance payment, the package will be dispatched after the full amount is credited on our bank account (e.g. cashless payment).
Postal and package charges are presented in the following table:

form of transport
price of transport

courier cash on delivery
15,00 €

The given prices are valid for the Slovak Republic.
6. Cancelling the order
The Buyer may cancel the order for any reason within 2 hours after its sending. (The Operator will process the order after 2 hours). Please send a notice of cancelling the order on our e-mail, we will send you the confirmation of canceliing the order by return mail.
7. Returning the goods
In accordance with Sec. 12 para. 1 of Act No. 108/2000 Coll., the Buyer shall be entitled to return the goods bought in our e-shop within a period of 7 business days from take-over of the goods under these business terms and conditions without stating the reason. Returned goods must be sent to the residential address of the company in original package, complete, unworn and undamaged. The Buyer is obliged to pay the transport costs that occured as a result of returning the goods. We don´t accept the goods returned by means of ´Cash on Delivery´.
The price of the goods will be given back to the Customer immediately after checking the returned goods.
8. Warranty conditions
Before taking-over and paying the package, we advise the Buyer to check the goods immediately at the post office. In case of large damages (torn packaging, deformation and other large damages) we advise you not to take over the package. In case of warranty claim, the Buyer is obliged to send the goods on the residential address of the company. The parcel must be wrapped properly and it must include: the goods icluding equipment, the copy of an invoice, a letter describing the purpose of a claim and the Buyer´s contact data - return address, tel. number, e-mail. Please send the goods by means of a parcel or ´General Delivery´. The goods sent by means of ´Cash on Delivery´ won´t be accepted. The goods must be delivered clean and mechanically undamaged. The transport costs in the direction from the Buyer to the Seller are paid by the Buyer. We don´t return postal and other charges. After processing the competent claim of warranty, the Seller is obliged to pay the return journey. If any defects of the goods occur during the warranty period, the Customer shall be entitled to claim elimination of the defect. If the defect of the goods is unrecoverable, the supplier shall replace the goods with a new one or, after an agreement, with a product of other type, when price differencies will be returned.
There is no warranty applied in case of:

nonprofessional maintenance
use of the product in conditions which does not correspond to natural environment of the product (concerning temperature, dustiness, humidity, chemical and mechanical influences)
intervention to the product done by non-authorized person (nonprofessional maintenance or reparation)
use contrary to the conditions mentioned in operating instructions
mechanical damage - torn, heat-damaged goods, goods damaged by unwary mechanical handling
overloading the product (refers to products, which have their stability distinguished)

There is no warranty applied in case of damages caused by natural forces, natural catastrophe, violent damage, atmospheric conditions or by usage in extreme and abnormal conditions.
In case of non-authorized warranty claim, the goods will be returned to the Buyer together with appropriate viewpoint.
The Seller carries out the warranty claim without useless delay, maximum within 30 days from the date of warranty claim application.
By processing the authorized warranty claim, the warranty period prolongs about the warranty claim lasting period. In case that the warranty claim in legal warranty period was processed by means of the goods replacement, the warranty period starts to be valid again from the date of the warranty claim processing.
The Seller is obliged to inform the Buyer about the warranty claim processing by means of telephone, SMS or e-mail and to send the goods on his own costs on the Buyer´s address.
Personal data protection
In accordance with Act No. 428/2002 Coll. on Protection of Personal Data. The Operator of the e-mail shop is obliged not to present the Buyer´s personal data given by means of the order form without his permission to any third parties. The Operator is also obliged not to use the personal data for advertising purposes that are not related to advertisement of this e-shop and to cancel the Customer´s personal data from his data base whenever he requires it.